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Parish Events

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A Big Thank You to All Who Participated In Making the Noche de Navidad A Success

The gala committee— Bernadette Peña, Kristie Acuña, Diego Espinoza, Gloria Robinson, Gracie Hernandez, Al Marin, Monica Munoz, Evelyn Sotelo and Paul and Karen Sanchez if it were not for you such amazing night would not have been such a success and possible. Thank you for your unselfish and untiring support. You’re the best!!
Thank you, to our sponsors and donors, your generous support has brought our gala gala12016to life! Many thanks to all who donated items for both our silent auction and cooler basket, which we could not have done without your generosity.
And we cannot express our appreciation enough to our many volunteers especially our St. Patrick Youth Group Ministry for their willingness to service our dinner, Lili’s Guitar Kids (Sta. Monica School), and Sofia Dance Studio for their amazing entertainment and performance!
Last but not least, the attendees. Thank you all for coming to San Patricio and participating in our gala. Without you, there is no event, so once again thank you so much for your attendance and support.
Hopefully we will be able to do this again next year! Adelante San Patricio!


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Thanks be to God to all the hard-working and awesome volunteers that worked and helped in our St. Patrick Fall Festival this past Sunday.
We’ve observed that everyone was enjoying the great food, seeing old friends, meeting new ones, and taking in the atmosphere of our great community. And none of it would have been possible if not for the wonderful people (festival committee members especially Paul and Karen Sanchez, the chairpersons, emcee, planning/promotions crew, money counters crew, office staff, food/kitchen crew, games, Loteria booths, tickets sellers, various parish ministries/organizations, performers & dancers, musicians, set-up & clean up crew, CCD kids, youth & parent volunteers, prize donors and sponsors and etc.) that gave up a large part of their and their family’s time, by volunteering to ensure that the festival will be great and successful.
The volunteers, and their commitment not only to our parish, but to our community, show the best things about St. Patrick that you can’t find anywhere else.
So on behalf of St. Patrick, I want to once again say THANK YOU to all who made this Festival a success once again. To sum it all up, I’d like to use a quote from Albert Schweitzer, and it states, “The interior joy we feel when we have done a good deed is the nourishment the soul requires.” Adelante San Patricio!!!

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Teacher’s Prayer

Heavenly Father,
Enable me to teach WISDOM,
For I help to shape the mind.
Equip me to teach with TRUTH,
For I help to shape the conscience.
Encourage me to teach with VISION,
For I help to shape the future.
Empower me to teach with LOVE,
For I help to shape the world.
Catechetical Sunday: This year, Catholic parishes in the U.S. will celebrate Catechetical Sunday on Sep. 18, 2016, focusing on the theme “Prayer: The Faith Prayed.” This is a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the role that each person plays, by virtue of his or her Baptism, in handing on the faith and being a witness to the Gospel. It’s also an opportunity for all to rededicate themselves to this mission as a community of faith. Several resources can be found on the USCCB website like a poster, a certificate, and prayer cards. Just go to http://store.usccb.org/ and search under Catechetical Sunday.

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2016 VBS Volunteers,

THANK YOU for showing interest in helping with the VBS this year. Your willingness to help guide the children attending toward Christ is much appreciated. For those who taught the arts & crafts, for those who teach the Bible stories, for those who make the snacks, for all who entertain us with water games, for all of those who greet children with a welcoming smile and a warm hug, for the team leaders who guided each group, for those who taught us how to do the actions songs and for all volunteers… thank you, you are truly special in God’s eyes.

Thank you for planting seeds and nurturing young lives. Continue to pray for those seeds to grow and produce fruit. While you may never see it, trust it will come. God Bless and looking forward to see you next year!

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Faith pass it On

We are starting our Catechetical Year and are asking YOU to think about being a Catechists! We have heard all of the excuses: “not me, I can’t teach, I don’t have what it takes, etc.”! If you don’t volunteer, then WHO? They deserve to have someone step forward to share their knowledge, faith and love of God with them. Is that person YOU? Bilingual speaking teachers are encouraged to volunteer! Catechist Drive TODAY after all masses! STOP by the Parish Hall for more info and to SIGN-UP! Thank You

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Thank you volunteers for the successful Food Drive we have last July 25, 2015!!!

For more info & photos, please add us up:


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                     St. Patrick’s VBS 2015 a Success!!!


 A HUGE THANKS to all the wonderful and amazing VBS volunteers that worked all week to make this 1st year program such an awesome success. A special thank you to those who donated prizes, food, items, funds & devoted many hours of time…above and beyond the call of duty…to make the week special for all 85 kids enrolled in VBS.

THANK YOU Cindy Benitez & Andrea Garcia as MC’s. Gaby Garcia & Team in Arts & Crafts. Maria Arreguin, Rosa & Noel Rios, Vanessa Blanco for Bible Expeditions. Nina Cervantes & Team for the Glacier Games. Olga Mares, Maria Espinoza, Frank Hebert & the great team who coordinated the kitchen; Lonnie Roberts, Alma Garcia & Marcos Arreguin who managed the registration. Jasmine Sanchez for the photos. DJ Rob for lending us his sound system and for our dedicated St. Patrick Parish Staff!!

THANK YOU team leaders and others, who spent countless hours helping to prep for the event, to our kitchen crew, to our worship & dance leaders, to our many volunteers, and our parent volunteers…to all who gave of their time to help teach the children of our community that God has the power to: Provide, Comfort, Heal, Forgive & Love us Forever…Thank You!

For the Greater Glory of God!

For more photos:

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Congratulations for our 20 Confirmation candidates who have received the Sacrament last Tuesday, June 16th at 7 PM at St. Patrick Catholic Church. We pray that these sons and daughters of God will give witness to Christ by lives built on faith, love and service.

Alexandria Castillo, Abigail Castro, Anais Del Rio, Gabriela Isabel Garcia, Justin William Garcia, Brianna Sierra Garza, Maria Fernanda Giron, Savon Angel Harvey, Jorge Alejandro Hernandez, Enid Carolina Ibarra, Ana Rosa Lozano, Jennifer Roxann Lucio, Magaly Yaneli Martinez, Suriel Yair Moctezuma, Marianna Muñoz, Jocelyn Navarro, Enrique Rivera, Jr., Brenda Rosas, Israel Abraham Salazar, Julissa Cardona Saucedo

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There are four reasons for which the Holy Mass is offered, and every time you assist in Mass, you should try to recall these four purposes:

1.To give supreme honor and glory to God;

2.To thank Him for all His benefits;

3.To obtain pardon for our sins;

4.To gain all other graces and blessings we need through

Jesus Christ, our Mediator and Savior.

“The culmination of the Mass is not the consecration, but Communion.”                            – St. Maximilian Kolbe


Holy Communion is the shortest and the safest way to Heaven.

                                                  St. Pius X

“If we but paused for a moment to consider attentively what takes place in this Sacrament, I am sure that the thought of Christ’s love for us would transform the coldness of our hearts into a fire of love and gratitude.”                                            St. Angela of Foligno

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Prayer for Vocation

Father you call each one of us by name and ask us
to follow you.
Bless your church by raising up dedicated and
generous leaders from our
families and friends who will serve your people as Sisters, Priests,
Brothers, Deacons, and Lay Ministers.
Inspire us as we grow to know you, and open our hearts
to hear your call.
We ask this in Jesus name Amen.

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WORLD MISSION SUNDAY! We are invited to reach out and help build the Church in Mongolia, the world’s youngest Catholic Church. For more information, please visit www.IAmAMissionary.org


Please click the picture above to watch the wonderful video of the world youngest Catholic Church. Please help the mission. Thank you!

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